Before the finish of this lesson, you ought to have the capacity to:

  • Select content utilizing diverse techniques

The Word window

When you’re making a report, you should need to change the way message shows up.

Before you can change the textual style, size, or shading—or supplant or erase content—you should first choose it.

Here’s a speedy general guideline:

  • Select what you need to change.
  • Roll out your improvements.

Check this outThere are a few distinctive choice strategies. Before long ,you’ll be choosing and controlling content like an expert!

To start with technique: Click and drag to choose content

  • Move your pointer until the I-Beam (inclusion point) is by the content you need to alter.
  • Tap the left mouse catch.
  • Without discharging the mouse catch, drag the addition point to choose content.
  • Discharge the left mouse catch when you have chosen the content you need to change.


  • It features letters, words, and even whole records.
  • There’s a ton of control with singular letters, words, and expressions.


  • An absence of control may cause quick choosing, which chooses a whole report when you don’t need it to; and in reverse choosing, which chooses content to one side when you need to choose content to one side and the other way around.

Second strategy: Use the pointer to choose a whole line of content

To choose a solitary line of content:

  • Move the I-bar to one side edge until the point that it turns into a right-inclined white pointer.
  • Position the pointer to one side of the line you need to feature.
  • Snap once to feature a solitary line.
  • Snap and drag up or down to choose the same number of lines as you need to alter.


  • This technique is brisk and simple.


  • It chooses the whole line of content when you may not need it to.
  • It might take some training to position the pointer effectively.

Third technique: Double-and triple-clicking content

  • Double tapping straightforwardly on content chooses that content.
  • Triple-clicking specifically on content chooses the whole line.

To utilize the double tap strategy:

  • Place your mouse pointer specifically finished the word or expression you need to choose.
  • Double tap.

To utilize the triple-click strategy:

  • Place your mouse pointer anyplace in the line you need to choose.
  • Triple-click.
  • It’s simple, with bunches of control.


  • It’s not perfect for choosing extensive parts of content.

Fourth strategy: Select All

  • Select All is a useful element.

To choose a whole record:

  • Pick Editaction Select All from the menu bar.

Edit Menu with Select All selected

The greater part of the content in your archive is chosen in a split second. Snap anyplace outside chosen content to deselect content.


  • This is extraordinary when you have to rapidly choose all content in a report, as for changing the textual style or size.


  • It chooses all content, which you may not generally need.

Caution! While content is chosen, squeezing any key on the console will erase your content. Tap the Undo catch on the Standard toolbar to turn around this basic error.

Fifth technique: Use the console

Numerous individuals utilize the console to choose content.

Shift+right arrow                                          Character to one side of the inclusion point

Shift+left arrow                                              Character to one side of the inclusion point

Shift+Home                                                    Current line to one side of inclusion point

Shift+End                                                        Current line to one side of inclusion point

Shift+Page Up                                                 A screenful of content from addition point up

Shift+Page Down                                           A screenful of content from addition point down

Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow                               One word to one side of inclusion point

Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow                                 One word to one side of addition point

Crtl+Shift+Home                                           All content from inclusion point to the start of record

Crtl+Shift+End                                               All content from addition point to the finish of report

Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Page Down                           All content from addition point to end of the showed window

F8+arrow key                                                     From inclusion point toward whichever bolt is picked;

F8 turns on determination mode; press Esc to leave choice mode

Crtl +                                                                     A Selects whole archive

Did you know?

Investigating rapid choosing

When utilizing the snap and-drag technique to choose content, have you at any point chosen a ton of content without significance to? You’ve encountered fast choosing.

To maintain a strategic distance from this dissatisfaction:

  • Utilize Select All in the Edit menu
  • Or on the other hand

Utilize the Shift key:

  • Snap once at the beginning stage of the content you need to choose.
  • Hold down the Shift key while clicking again at the consummation purpose of the content you need to choose.
  • The content in the middle of these two focuses ought to be chosen.

Check this outKeep at the top of the priority list that when content is chosen, squeezing any key erases it. The Undo catch regularly proves to be useful for this basic oversight.

Take in more about erasing and embeddings message in the following lesson.

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