Before the finish of this lesson, you ought to have the capacity to:

  • Control slides in Slide Sorter View
  • Work with slides in Normal View
  • Roll out improvements to slides in Outline View
  • View slides in Slide Show View

Slide Sorter see

As you are dealing with your introduction, you might need to change the request of your slides. You can improve slides in Slide Sorter see. It enables you to see smaller than expected slides that you can relocate.

To move slides in Slide Sorter see:

  • Tap the Slide Sorter View catch in the base left corner of the page.
  • Tap the slide you need to move.
  • Hold down the left mouse catch and drag the slide to its new area. A pointer with a case shows up as you drag the slide.

Drag a slide in Slide Sorter View

  • Tap the Normal View catch to come back to Normal view.

Working with slides in Normal view

You can likewise effortlessly move slides in Normal view. Keep in mind, this is the Tri-Pane see that shows little slides on the left, a slide in the inside, and the errand sheet on the right.

To move slides in Normal view:

  • Tap the Normal view catch .
  • Snap a slide in the left sheet and intuitive it to its new area.
  • Hold down the left mouse catch and drag the slide to its new area. A pointer with a container shows up as you drag the slide.

Drag a slide in Normal View

To flip between the diverse perspectives in PowerPoint 2003, tap the View catches or click View Slide Sorter, Normal, or Slide Show.

Changing and seeing slides in Outline see

Diagram see likewise enables you to roll out improvements to slides. While you can move slides in this view, it’s likewise helpful for rolling out improvements to the content of your slides or for review different slides.

To view or roll out improvements to content in Outline see:

  • Tap the Outline View tab in the left sheet.

Outline tab selected

  • A framework perspective of your slides shows up with content.
  • Tap the little dark slide you need to roll out improvements to.
  • Look through the slides in Outline see.
  • Select the slide in the diagram, at that point compose changes specifically onto the middle slide.
  • You can see the content of the majority of your slides in this view.
  • Come back to Normal view by tapping the Slides tab in the left sheet.

Review slides in Slide Show see

After you have rolled out a few improvements to your PowerPoint introduction, you can get a thought of how it will look as a slide appear.

To see slides in Slide Show see:

  • Tap the Slide Show catch at the base left corner of the screen.

Or on the other hand

  • Snap View Slide Show.

Choose View, Slide Show

  • Snap each slide until the point when you achieve the finish of the slide appear (it will be a dark screen).
  • Snap to exit and come back to Normal view.

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