A table is a matrix of cells organized in lines and segments. Tables can be modified and are valuable for different assignments, for example, introducing content data and numerical information.

In this lesson, you will figure out how to change over content to a table, apply table styles, arrange tables, and make clear tables.

To change over existing content to a table:

  • Select the content you need to change over.
  • Select the Insert tab.
  • Tap the Table summon.
  • Select Convert Text to Table from the menu. A discourse box shows up.

Convert to Table

Pick one of the choices in the Separate content at: segment. This is the way Word recognizes what content to put in every section.


  • Snap OK. The content shows up in a table.

To include a line over a current column:

Place the inclusion point in succession beneath the area where you need to include a column.

Place Cursor

  • Right-tap the mouse. A menu shows up.
  • Select InsertactionInsert Rows Above.

Insert New Row

Another column shows up over the inclusion point.

New Row

You can likewise include pushes beneath the inclusion point. Take after similar advances, yet select Insert Rows Below from the menu.

To include a segment:

  • Place the inclusion point in a segment neighboring the area where you need the new section to show up.
  • Right-tap the mouse. A menu shows up.
  • Select InsertactionInsert Columns to the Left or Insert Columns to the Right. Another section shows up.

To erase a line or section:

  • Select the line or section.
  • Right-click your mouse, and a menu shows up.
  • Select Delete Columns or Delete Rows.

To apply a table style:

  • Select the table. A Table Tools Design tab now shows up on the Ribbon.
  • Select the Design tab to get to the greater part of the Table Styles and Options.

Table Tools Design tab

  • Navigate the different styles in the Table Styles segment.
  • Left-click a style to choose it. The table style will show up in the record.

Table Styles

You can alter which table styles are shown. In the Table Styles Options, you can choose and deselect different table alternatives. For instance, you can choose joined columns, and just tables with united lines will show up in the Tables Styles segment.

Need to have somewhat more imaginative flexibility with regards to organizing your tables? You can physically change the table fringe or shading, change line weight, or eradicate some portion of the table.

To embed a clear table:

  • Place your addition point in the report where you need the table to show up.
  • Select the Insert tab.
  • Tap the Table order.
  • Drag your mouse over the chart squares to choose the quantity of segments and columns in the table.

Blank Table

  • Left-click your mouse, and the table shows up in the report.
  • Enter content into the table.

Adjusting a table utilizing the design tab

When you select a table in Word 2007, Design and Layout tabs show up under Table Tools on the Ribbon. Utilizing charges on the Layout tab, you can make an assortment of alterations to the table, including:

  • Including and erasing segments
  • Including and erasing columns
  • Changing the cell measure
  • Adjusting cell content
  • Altering content course
  • Blending and part cells

Layout tab

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