Before the finish of this lesson, you ought to have the capacity to:

  • Change graph information
  • Change graph title
  • Change arrangement names or legend names
  • Change graph compose

Changing graph information

When you add a graph to your worksheet, Excel makes a connection between the outline and your source information. Any progressions made to the first source information are consequently reflected in the outline.

Edit Data Source

To change outline esteems specifically in worksheet cells:

  • Open the worksheet that contains the diagram to be changed.
  • Snap in the cell whose esteem will change, and sort the new esteem.
  • Press Enter to acknowledge the new esteem.

Changing outline information

To add information to a current outline:

Lines or segments of information can be added to a current graph by choosing the Add Data choice on the diagram menu.

  • Information any new source information into the worksheet (e.g., another segment called South America).

Select Cell Range for New Data

  • Tap on the outline to choose it for altering.
  • Pick Chart Add Data from the menu bar.

Chart and Add Data Menu Selections

  • The Add Data exchange box shows up.
  • Select the cell scope of new information to be added to the graph. Walking ants show up around the cell go. The chose cells are added to the Add Data exchange box.

Specify Range in Add Data Dialog Box

  • Tap the OK catch to add the new information to the graph.

Changing the graph title

  • The graph title can be changed whenever to a name that is important to you.

To change the graph title on the diagram:

  • Tap on the graph title.

Chart Title Selection

  • Snap anyplace in the title name, and roll out any improvements to the content.

Change the Chart Title

  • Snap anyplace outside of the title to apply your progressions.

Changing the information arrangement names or legend content

Information arrangement names and legend content are changed in much an indistinguishable way from when we changed outline esteems in the worksheet.

To change the information arrangement names or legend message on the worksheet:

  • Tap the cell that contains the information arrangement name or legend you need to change.

Relation of Data Series and Legend to Source Data

  • Sort the new name.
  • Press the Enter key to add the new name to the graph.

Changing the graph compose

There are 14 distinct sorts of diagrams in Excel 2003, and with each outline write there can be a few varieties. You can see that you can make any number of various graphs. The outline write can be changed whenever with a couple of snaps of the mouse.

To choose an alternate graph write:

  • Tap on the outline to choose it for altering.
  • Tap on the outline compose drop-down rundown box, and select an alternate diagram.

Line Chart Drop-down Menu

The new outline replaces that one chose for change.

New Chart Type

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