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Microsoft Word It’s anything but difficult to make a slug or numbered list, however not all that simple to organize only the Microsoft Word number for one thing in that rundown. What more often than not happens is you wind up organizing the whole thing, or the whole rundown. Luckily, there’s a straightforward trap that works incredible: select the thing’s finish of-passage marker and apply the configuration – not precisely natural is it?

To delineate this straightforward, yet odd, trap, we should change the shade of a few numbers in a basic rundown, as takes after:

  1. On the Home tab, click Show/Hide in the Paragraph gathering. In Microsoft  Word 2003, click Show/Hide on the Formatting toolbar.
  2. Select just the Paragraph stamp toward the finish of the line whose number you need to design. For example, select the passage check toward the finish of #6.
  3. With the section check chose, apply the configuration. For example, apply red Font Color.

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To arrange in excess of one number, yet not every one of them, hold down the [Ctrl] key while you select markers. At that point, apply the configuration as you ordinarily would. Organizations connected to the whole rundown will outweigh designs connected by means of the finish of-section marker.

To organize the greater part of the numbers in the rundown, without changing the arrangement of the genuine content, click any number in the rundown to feature the majority of the numbers and after that organization as you typically would. Word will stretch out the arrangement to new things.

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